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In 1981, Jim and his wife Maggie made their dream a reality starting Andover Wheel & Frame Alignment.  Seven years later Troy was hired in his junior year of high school.  Who would have thought Troy and his wife Kelly would purchase the business in 2001.  Jim, and his frame technician Gene, taught Troy all they experienced in their 70+ years combined as automobile technicians.  Troy already had a natural talent due to the many hours spent in Dads garage building street rods.  You'll see many Boettcher vehicles at any car show you attend, all with some type of Troy's touch.  Now Troy is teaching his skills to a new generation of technicians.

Andover Wheel & Frame's friendly and knowledgable staff will impress you from your first phone call to your 50th vehicle being worked on.  We insist on the highest level of quality repairs, customer service and honesty.

Your vehicle may need an alignment due to the following reasons:     

New suspension parts   
Uneven tire wear   
Vehicle pulling left/right
​Hitting pothole/curb

Our Story


If you're replacing your tires pay attention to their tire wear. You may be in need of an alignment.​ If purchasing 2 new tires, make sure they are installed on the front. Old tires could cause a pull. If you hit a pothole/curb, It only takes 5 mph to throw your alignment off.